The Dogs name was Indiana...

It's a good thing that my husband is a nerd! The night Indiana Jones premiered, the D-Star had Gar dress up as "Indiana Bones" and go to Jordan Landing movie theater and hand out flyer's for the show... I say it's a good thing he's a nerd because, there was a radio station asking questions about Indian Jones and kids would ask Gar for the answers because they really thought he was Indiana Jones. They would even get their pictures taken with him, good times!

So last week was the season finale of LOST and we are huge LOST fans, so we threw a party. It was really all Gar's doing. He made this great invite for the Oceanic 815, and then we made all of our party snacks look like the food that DHARMA had on the island. It was a blast!

Before the show started, we had everyone talk about their theories of LOST, I know, total nerd convention right in my basement... but we had fun. Gar had some questions and if you answered right, you got a prize. Nettie won the Jack action figure, they were good prizes!

It was a good time and the season finale left more questions than answers, of course! We can't wait until the season premiere party!


Cris n Nick said...

Okay, cris like had an orgasm when he saw your party! He thought your food and stuff looked so cool. I think he might try to do it to everything in our pantry now. We saw your party on Lynette's blog and he was beside himself.
I miss you woman, and we don't think you're nerds, it's better than star trek.

Dave and Christine said...

Me and Dave are lost fanatics. For me it is a love hate relationship with Lost. I so badly want to jump off the Lost bandwagon cause I feel like the biggest sucker for watching it and being strung along with all the new questions every episode. However I couldn't give this show up now. I love it and I have already commited myself with curiousity! Anyway AWESOME party! I think I am going to copy you next season. Hope you don't mind.

ANOB said...

K, so I guess we are lame and the only people in the world who are not into Lost. Oh well....looked like a fun party though. Good times!!

Deb said...

Kewl, kewl & super kewl. Looooove the story about Indie (too cute) and what a great idea for a season finale party. Awesomely clever! Garrick you are really something else!

Love you to pieces you guys, it's always fun to read about your adventures!


Joey & nettifer said...

G looks so cool. I can't wait to see the show!