Catching Up

My show is almost done and I can't wait, i'm counting down the hours, I just can't wait to be done and have so much time for me and Gar and our house! Oh, yeah, and workig out with Lynette! So I am finishing my show, but Gar is starting his. He got cast in the new DesertStar Playhouse show, "Indiana Bones". He is Indiana Bones. That show starts on June 7th and runs until mid -August. So go check him out.


We had a little get together at our place in honor of my new job, Gar threw a little party for me, what a nice guy... Well so one brought some of there friends and it turns out that one of the friends was last years winner of Survivor: China. Here he is on the show.... And this is us at out house. It is me and my friend Scott and Todd the winner... It was crazy meeting him. I was wondering why he was so tan and skinny! That was the highlight of the party. The millionaire at out house!

This year Gar and his work did the 5k Race for the Cure. We didn't sign up in enough time to have me do it, but that was a good thing, have not been running and the 5k would have killed me. It is a for a great cause and Gar love to do it. He did a great job, 26 minutes. We have not been to the gym in a while so 26 minutes was great.

The weekend that the Jazz playoffs were here, Gar's work gave him the suite for the Bee's. So we got to hang out and watch a little baseball. It is always fun watching a ball game. We were the only one's in the box so that was nice.
And i must say that i am happy with the turn out of American Idol. I do love little David, but i'm so glad that David Cook won! Now on to So You Think You Can Dance!


Joey & nettifer said...

Sad we missed you party! WE were out of town. I can't believe you got to meet that guy. WHat is he doing in Utah?
I can't wait to see G's show! I am so excited!

Anonymous said...

I want to meet Todd, you lucky. Such a dastardly little cutie. Missed you at the shower but the new theater reviewer from the Des News told me you had your "Annie" show. Hale continues to thwart my happiness.

ANOB said...

Good times all around!

Cris n Nick said...

Amen to so you think you can dance, although, I missed the premier, I heard it was great with the guy in his underwear, I'm totally bummed. (no pun intended-HA)
I want to come see one of your shows, I miss you.

Deb said...

Great pictures..looks like you guys are having some fun and are as usual involved in many interesting things. You get to meet interesting people too, you are very forunate... you have chosen wisely!

Could Garrick be any more perfect for the part of Indiana? The promo picture of him is fabulous..what a gorgeous smile! I'm bubbling over with joy!

You guys are simply the greatest!
Love you to pieces xoxoxox

Anonymous said...

You didn't get an invitation. I am going to drop kick my sister. Don't try to defend her, Stef. It's inexcusable! I would still also like to drop kick Hale. I hope we meet again someday!