With spring here, kind of, we are starting to do our yard and make it look presentable. Gar has it all mapped out in his head which is good, because all I do is mow the lawn. We have a ton of plans and are starting with the front yard. Next to the garage, we had this weird tree, it was growing sideways and just not that pretty of a tree.

So about a week ago, i went to the theater to do my show, and when I got back, the sideways tree was gone. It look SO much better! We are not sure what we are going to do with that space, maybe use if for more parking space, who knows. But it looks so much better already!

So with that started we marked off the front yard with what we (and by we I mean Gar), wanted to do. We wanted to rip out those ugly dead bush things, make them square planters and re-do that little walk way with pretty stones and make it NOT ghetto!Then Gar ripped everything up. The pic below is it ready to start from scratch. It is really crazy, the process it takes to re landscape your yard, and how Gar knows what to do, I will never know. He just knows.
First he did the walk way and it makes the biggest difference. I love it. This pic is RIGHT after he did it. I need to take a new pic of this with the grass trimmed and it all cleaned off. But isn't the stone pretty. It matches our brick on the house perfectly! So with that done, he started the planters.
Again, last Saturday, I went and did my show and came back to this....
He was DONE, I was So happy, and it looks so great. The pic above is before the lawn was mowed and trimmed and it still looks so beautiful! What a difference! I may plant some flower in there, but I'm thinking i will just leave it with just the bushes. It looks so nice and clean and I love the squares! The next project is to make the sides of the front porch in to planters. That will be a HUGE job, but it will look amazing!

Then Gar trimmed up the crazy tree we have in the back yard. I was growing pretty crazy and he is amazing and make it look presentable. You should have seen it, he was literally on top of the tree cutting and shaping it. It was great, we did end up making a bird really mad because Gar cut the branch that her nest was on, but we put it back in the tree so she can be happy again!

I can't wait to get a fence built on this side of the house. I'm not a fan of chain link, and this is the only part of the fence that is chain link, so it will be nice to one day put in wood fence to match and for more privacy! But the tree looks so much better!

While we are outside working, Toby is right there watching us through the fence. Gar got this pic and it is too cute.

I really don't think this dog could be any cuter! He has a TON of toys and like to get them all out and play with them all. If we get him a stuffed animal, he will usually chew it apart and we have to end up throwing it away because all the stuffing is coming out. Well, he has this one we call squirrelly. We got it for him 2 Christmas's ago and the first thing he did was chew the ears and tail off. But that was all he did to it. And he still has it. It is his favorite toy. He plays with it the most and it is funny, because if we are downstairs and ask him where squirrelly is, he will go upstairs and get him. It is so funny. It's Toby's little woobie.

Well the other night, we were going to bed and saw this... He was laying on the bed cuddling with squirrelly. He has done it a couple of times and this time we were able to get a pix. I love him, he is TOO cute!


ANOB said...

It all looks so great!!! What a great hubby you have. Nice to have that done!!! Love the pic of Tobs and his woobie....adorable!

Dave and Christine said...

Your cousin christine here. I love the whole blog thing and am glad Angela told me about yours. Your house is so cute! I am a huge fan of older homes. Ours was built in 1909. I do have to say I feel your pain with the yard work. We have sooo much crap to do on ours and thinking about all the work we have to do (and all the money it will cost) gives me anxiety. Yours looks great though and its nice and green!!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome yard changes. Your house is so cute. And so is your dog - I want one!!!

Cris n Nick said...

Steffers, your house is sooo cute, it's lookin' good what a talented hubby! That totally rocks.
Your puppy is adorable, I so wish I wasn't allergic to them, he's so cute!

Deb said...

Your yard looks great you guys.
The house is so adorable, I love the red brick and the grass is so green! Could Toby be any cuter? What a sweetheart!

Love you guys

Joey & nettifer said...

nice yard work way to go! It makes me tired!