The Adventures of Super Toby!!

So..I don't blog on this page much..but when I do it is good! I have a program that can turn pictures into comic pages (of course I do) and so I made this one of Toby.


Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Deb said...

He's so versatile! The Amazing Adventures of the Amazing Toby! If you have the page stored will you email it to me? I would love to pass it along to Jeff in a letter. He would get a big kick out of it...love you clever one!


Joey & nettifer said...

that is so cool. I would love a program like that. I would make tons of books of Madelyn and her craziness. What is it called?
Your page is super cute!

Deb said...

Very nice! I really like the pattern in the pathway, it adds immensely to the character of the house, along with the front planters. They are perfectly spaced and pull the eye upward to your adorable house. A very nice touch. The grass is rich and green and looks beautiful. The manicured tree adds much to the aesthetics of the over-all landscape. It is laborious work but well worth it when you are finished and can stand outside in the evening with a hose in hand admiring all that you have accomplished. It's so wonderful to work with nature and you have done well with your project. Little Toby is as precious as can be... what cute pictures of him. You guys have given him a good home and lots of love. He's a good boy! I also like the new look of your site. Great colors and I love the picture of [you] at Glen Canyon. I love that you sent that to me. It is so cute!!
It is 100 degrees here today and will go up to 103 by Saturday...to hot and not a dry heat! So no yard work for me, oh yeah I don't have a yard anyways!!!
Love ya