Viva Las Vegas Baby!

We headed down to Vegas about 3 weeks ago for 2 of our friends that were turning 30. It was a blast to say the least. Gar and I drove down with our 2 friends Scott and T-bone, road trips are always so much fun until Gar gets pulled over for speeding. Lets just say, we will fly from now on!

Anyway, we had the best weekend. The drive down was SMF and we did stop in to St. George and ate at In-N-Out! It was SOOOOOO GOOD! That's Scott by me and T-Bone by Gar.

I got Gar and I rooms at the Planet Hollywood Casino and Hotel with my Sheraton employee rate and it was perfect! It is right in the middle of the strip and it is a pretty hip hotel. All the rooms have a theme from a movie with memorabilia. Our room was the Dead Poet Society room. This is our room. Fun huh!

This is the bathroom, look at that huge tub! I didn't have time to soak in it, but our when our friends came to see the room, they jumped in, it was funny!

So the first night was the party at the Hawaiian Tropics Zone to celebrate the birthdays. That was right in our hotel, worked our perfectly! This is half the gang. Gar and I have a couple of groups of friends and 2 of the groups were down in Vegas, my old work friends from the big H and then our theater friends. The pic below is our theater group. They can get pretty crazy!

BUT, the great thing was, sitting right next to us was none other that one of my many famous boyfriends... former Jazz player Bryan Russell. I was so happy. So my friend Chris went up to him and told him that I call him my boyfriend and asked if i could get my pic with him... So great!

So we partied it up pretty good the first night. The second night, we decided to hit a Cirque du Soleil show. So we walked to the New York New York and bought tickets to Zumanity. This is the gang that went with us. From left to right... Scott (don't know why he's standing like that), Gar, Me, Chase, Aaron and Seth. Gar calls them the gay Mafia, hahaha!

This is us in front of the theater. The theater was so pretty!

These pics are small, but, before the show the actors walked around and you could get you pic with them. They were some of the most good looking people with the most amazing bodies I have ever seen. And they could do some amazing tricks. This woman was SOOO tall!

Here is the gay Mafia with a hottie... Those muscles are real. CRAZY!

This guy was SOOO creepy. He would walk around and growl at you... Those muscles are real too. See what i'm say... amazing! But he was way to creepy.

It was a fun trip, Vegas took all our money, but the gambling was so much fun! Gar and I are addicted to craps! I love that game. Gar gets so into it, it is great to watch him! and I love to roll the dice!

Not sure what i'm doing in this pic, but those drinks we had are HUGE i love them! Good times!


ANOB said...

good thing what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Stef all I have to say is....you have been blessed. If you know what I mean....

Anonymous said...

Wow, it's like a rainstorm after a long drought. Fun posts, Stef. Loving the pics of you guys, looking great!