A/C and Aurora

Well, the swamp cooler last summer was a trial and this summer, we didn't want to hope that it would maybe blow cool air. So we decided to make the move and invest in central air. Best home decision we have ever made! There she is...
It has been heaven sent to come home to a cool dry home. We found a great guy through a friend of a friend and he hooked us up and he was fast, took it out one morning and installed everything on a Saturday. We had to get a new furnace since ours was the first furnace ever made. It was literally the one that was put in when the house was built in 1949. So with the new furnace and a/c, we could not be happier... and cooler!

Well, it was a short visit with Aurora this time, unfortunately. We love having her up and it seems the older she gets the harder it is to have her stay up here for a long time... With school, work, travel, friends. So we take what we can get. She was up here for a week and a half. The pic below is up emigration canyon where we all used to go sledding in the winter. Is she not so grown up and beautiful!
This is us at Red Iguana. Good mexi food. Aurora is 17, we can't even believe it. She will graduate next year. Time flies.
We didn't get to Lagoon or Raggin' Waters this time, she was happy to spend the money at the outlets up in Park City. Girl is smart, i would take shopping over a water park any day. We will see her again for Thanksgiving, so we are looking forward to that! Isn't it crazy how much they look a like...


Deb said...

When I came out of the RV one morning in Santa Cruz with my hair looking very close to poodle fir, Patrick made mention how my hair, Garr's hair & Aurora's hair (her's was practically poodle too!) was all the same - awesome! LOL

Cute pic's glad you had fun together. Park City is a great town to visit and spend money at!

Love ya Mom