So i'm going to start with a family blog. My nephew Adam a couple of weeks ago told my sister, Beck, that he really wanted to have a family dinner at Stef & Garricks... He bugged her about it for about a week, SO cute, I love that they love to come over and hang out, anyway, we finally set a date for Beck & Ang's fam to come hangout. That day Gar and I bought guitar hero and had the kiddies show us... This is Ang claiming she knows how to rock out! She showed me up that day, but boy, I would totally kick her but now!

Beck was pretty dang good at it... She's not concentrating as has as Ang or I was.....

Now the kids all totally showed us up. They are good. Jacob can do all the songs on expert level... I was so surprised at how good they were. And could Jacob look any bigger?

Could anyone be concentrating anymore than this kid here.... The crazy thing is he was playing a song on expert level.... It was so freaking hilarious to watch. I love him.... He is always SO laid back that I didn't think he would be into this game, but he is good!

It's fun when the kiddies come over, Gar gets to break out all of his toys. They kids LOVE it, (and Kirk loves it too).

Gar found Rio playing with some toys too.... Well, they are Toby's toy, but she was enjoying them. Could these kids be any cuter??? I don't think so!

Now this picture is really just for me and Gar. This is Brooklyn, our niece from the other side. Gar's brother Jesse, this is his little girl. Look at that face. Gar and I were on their web page and could not stop laughing at this picture, she is just TOOOO dang cute. We will finally get to meet her his Thanksgiving, she will be a year... She is so freaking cute!


Megan said...

Hooray for cute family! Hope you are doing good, I miss you! We will have to do lunch together soon! :)

jessica simonsen said...

jesse's little girl is so cute!! looks like you had fun with the fam. we need to have you 2 over soon. What days are good for you busy people?? Ben and i sure miss you 2,

ANOB said...

Love the pix!! The one of IB is hilarious!!! That was good times. My kids are always wanting to go to your and G's house. Its the 'Fun' house... and not just for the kiddies!! Jesse's little girl is too adorable!!
Need to have another dinner soon.