Pittsburgh, PA

Last November I went to Pittsburgh for work and was not too excited to go to Pittsburgh. Just thought it would be a bunch of steel mills and all grey... I was pleasantly surprised with this town. I rather enjoyed myself. It is a pretty city. They city of bridges, I did not know that. I also learned that McFeely from Mr. Rogers is huge there, ketchup is from there and they have the biggest sports fan base I have ever seen...

Anyway, the convention was great and I got to see the city. It has lots of rolling hills and one is a large hill, well, really a cliff and they have what the call the "Incline". It's a trolley car that is pulled up the cliff. At the top is a great town that I am in love with. Mount Washington is the little town on top of the incline. Here is us going up the incline.

And me in front of the trolley...
This is the view from my room. It's the Steeler's Stadium. The Heinz Stadium. While I was there there was a football game and a hockey game. The city was CRAZY in all the gear for both teams. We were looking for a lunch place on the Steelers game day and the stores were blaring the Steelers fight song... "Here we go.... Here we go... Pittsburgh going to the Superbowl". It's a super catching tune and still can't get it out of my head and sang it the whole Superbowl game and was glad when the Steetlers won it!!!
This is a view from on top of the incline and Mount Washington. It is a great city. I recommend it.
Since Pitts is the city of bridges I had to get a pic of one. The 2 rivers run together and connect into the Ohio river. That is why there are so many bridges.

The last day we had some time so we went to the university area. It is a huge college town and the university area has a lot of the older architecture. I went into a Jewish temple, it was so beautiful. Saw the Torah... and saw one of the greatest non-denominational churches. I could have sat in there all day. It had 50 foot stained glass windows with all religious pix as well as great people from history and events from history. Anyone can use that chapel. I just loved that idea, one chapel for everyone.

Here are some of the 50 foot stained glass. Beautiful huh!

These are the Torahs...
The pic below is the main study hall of the University of Pittsburgh. Isn't so beautiful! I would love to go to school in a building like that.
I really enjoy Pittsburgh and would lovef to go back one day!!!! Go Steeler's!!!


Trevor Jerome said...

What a fun trip! Pitts seems like a cool city to explore :)

Deming Brat said...

when i read the term you used: steel mills... i pictured how someone in utah would say it and it made me laugh a lot


it was hard to know (at the time) that you were so close to me, yet so far away! why couldn't your work ever send you to BOSTON!?

Anonymous said...

I've heard really good things about that city. I read about it some book, too. How fun that you got to go there. It's just beautiful.