HI-O!!! Garrick again.....
So my dad came for a visit last fall and saw the house and he really loved it, but he noticed that we still had the original 1949 garage door still attached to the house.
so he gave us an early Christmas present and purchased us a new garage door to be installed...
here are the old space consuming spring and levers that used to be attached
and here is the clean smooth tracks that replaced them
OHHHHHH A KEYPAD.....secret code...now stef doesn't have to wait for me to open the garage and if she has to get in it is not a friggin' nightmare.
the beautiful motor all mounted and clean
and the end product...oh it is so nice and makes the house look so put together....I never thought I would be one of those people that loved working on a house..but I AM!!! I also installed a new doorbell that day, so much fun.


Deb said...

Oh that looks so nice. It makes such a big difference. You guys have such a cute place. I love the red brick. Lots of snow too! Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry