So let's begin...first off this is Garrick writting this blog entry to tell you all about Sundance 2009. I was hired as a driver for a company named ESG to drive the celeb's around for a week and here are the people I drove, saw and met. First these three Irish actors I picked up in the morning after a night of drinking and they were hilarious!!! I actually listened to the Inaguration with them for about 10 minutes...with Liam Neeson!!! I will never forget that. Ok so here are the people I......
Here is that Kristen Stewart from "Twilight" she was tiny..smaller than my daughter.
Jim Carrey stood next to me as I waited for my person and said "HI" to the crowd..we are the same height.
Charlyne Yi from "Knocked Up" she kills me in that movie.
JIM!!!! John Krasinski, I saw him giving an interview.
IRON MIKE TYSON...He is like 5 feet high 5 feet wide..I wish I was kidding.
50 Cent..his bodyguards stopped my car and he walked right in front of me..should have honked and scarred the crap out of him
I also saw a couple other stars..but I just can't remember their names...oh well, now onto people I...
007..Pierce...incredibely nice had his wife and kids with him and said hello to me and was truely a gentleman.
I met this bunch..Tia Leon is gorgeous, Billy Bob is a hipster doofus, and I drove Kyle (Agent Cooper) around for about 15 minutes, that can segway into who I....
Rodrigo Santoro ...!!!!!LOST!!!!!! he is Paulo killed by the Medusa Spider and buried alive!!! Also Xerxese from 300 he was so nice and so cool..he held my hand...that was ODD!
Of course Obi-Wan Kenobi ....Ewan McGregor...omg I just about lost my mind when he was in the car..he is cool as they come.
My biggest star (to me) was Mr. Liam Neeson, Qui-Gon Jinn himself...He and his wife were so nice and so cool, and I have a hilarious story about him I will tell you when we are face to face, but I knew I would have Liam in the car and so I brought this Vanity Fair Magazine and both he and Ewan signed it.....that made the trip all worth while....
It was hard work and not alot of sleep and little pay, but I believe I was meant to meet these people for the sole purpose of getting my magazine signed..it was all worth it.
May the force be with you...always.


Deb said...

OMG Garrick...I got tears of joy for you in my eyes when I saw you got to meet Obi-Wan & Qui-Gon and get your magazine signed OMG how awesome was that for you...such a true-blue bonifide fan. You got to see alot of grat stars and it sounds like it was a totally awesome experience. I am so happy for you. So cool!

Anonymous said...

That sounds SO COOL. Celebrities are so fun to spot, and also kind of scary. I don't know why.