All growed up!

Well if you can believe it, Aurora has graduated from high school. Seems a little surreal, but nonetheless, she is all growed up!!!

She graduated early and for those that did graduate early they had a ceremony and they walked. So we flew down to AZ for the weekend and let the commencements begin. We got there Friday night and check in to the hotel with Gar's mom and Rog. Then we met Aurora's fam for dinner. Here she is with her boyfriend Patrick at the pizza joint.

The next day was the ceremony. It was so great, she looked beautiful! Here she is walking down.... It's a little blurry, but you can see her...

It was a great ceremony and when she walked up and they called her name, I will say that I cried. I felt so proud to see her up there and so glad to be a part of her life!

Here is Laura her mom and Marshall, Laura's boyfriend and her little brother and sister Elizabeth and Patrick. Here is us.... Good times.

Laura threw a party for her that night at a friends house. It was catered with Mexican food and we had a good time. Her mom put together a film with music and pix from her birth up till her grad. It was great, she was a cute baby. Here is Gar, his mom Deb and Aurora.
Here are the girls, Aurora and her best friends, Amy and Sara.
She is so dang beautiful, huh!!!

Well, it was so great to see your girl graduate high school and accomplish something so great!! She is a great kid and is going to go to college in the spring!!!




jessica simonsen said...

WOW!!! i cant believe Aurora is that old allready. I remember she used to come and run and jump on me...not so much any more!!!
She has definetly blossomed into a beautiful young women.

Tiff said...

I need your email address so I can invite you to my blog. I've gone private. My email is tabigred5199@gmail.com

January 23, 2009 6:57 PM

Deb said...

Aurora is such a beautiful girl - inside and out. I just love her and I am so proud of her too!
It was such a wonderful weekend and I am thoroughly happy that we went and got to be together for this special occassion. I love you all so much!