Tis the season to be Mary...

We had the best Christmas, would have been complete with Nat there, but we made due. MISSED YOU NAT! We have started a great tradition for Christmas eve. Last year it was just me and Gar and Ang's family. So on Christmas eve, we decided to go to a movie and then for pizza at the Pie. This year we did it again. All of Beck's family, all of Ang's family, me & Gar, and Lynette and Mads. It was a blast. We went to see Bolt and found out it was in 3D. The kids totally loved it. Here is Beck, Gav and Benjamin waiting for the movie to start.

Here is Eden, Issac, Abe, and Everest. They were diggin the glasses. Lynette brought a ton of candy for the kids and the loved it.
These to are best friends Rio and Mads, I just told them I was going to take a picture of them and they both did this face... Not sure what they are doing. But they are SOOOO freaking cute, in the middle of the movie, they came and sat with Gar and I, too cute. Mads would laugh and snort, she is so crazy!

Nette, Ang and Kirk kicking it before the movie. All the kiddies sat all together and were so great during the movie, made it so nice to watch the movie.

Jacob and Adam... they are too cool. Some good looking boys!!

After the movie we headed to the Pie, they kids were so excited, but Benjamin kept saying I hate pie, so Beck just told him we were going to the Pizza Restaurant. Here is all of us and the food!!
While us adults were talking the kids kept running back and forth getting straws. Eden had 9 and i'm not sure how many Rio had. Here is a pic of her trying to drink out of all of them...
Here is a close up of Rio that girl is so funny!

Christmas Eve was so great. I love that tradition and hope we can do it every year!! Here are our Christmas decor... Every year we get a new piece of decor, this year is our star for the tree upstairs. I didn't get a very good picture of it, but it is super cute.

Here is Gar's tree downstairs with all of the "fun" ornaments. His Star War's one, Superman, Spiderman, Darth Vader... They are all there. It is a really cute tree, I'm glad Gar came up with the idea for his tree!
If you look closely at the pic below, you can see Gar's little Star Ward guys dressed up for the holidays. He found these toys at Target and we had to get them, they are so fun Darth Vader is holding a candy cane, hahaha!! Christmas morning was so wonderful!! We woke up at 8am, well, actually I woke up at 6:30 and tried to sleep until 8am, so I woke Gar up at 8 and we made coffee and baileys and had cinnamon rolls and opened gifts. Here are our stockings.
Having Toby is like having a real kid. He freaked out when we brought out his stocking and would not calm down until Gar got the packaging off the toys. He was so happy to find out that we got him a new squirlly and a new kong. His last squirlly died, so we got him a new one. It took him no time to chew the ears and tail off this on too.
We had a wonderful Christmas, together we got a blue ray player, The Dark Knight on Blue Ray, Gar got some cologne and his XBox World at War game, I got new running shoes and a fridge for my office, Nat got me this sweet frame for me to put all of my all of my corks in.

We had a wonderful Christmas. Spending so much time with each other, with my family and with Gar's family, I love it so much. I got to talk to my dad from Afghanistan and that was great. I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday!


Deb said...

The tree's look so pretty. Toby is too cute. Glad you had a nice Christmas. Sound like fun with the family on Christmas Eve. All those little kids are so adorable.