A turkey for me and a turkey for you... (yes, this post is a little late)

I'd thought I'd get thanks giving posted before next thanksgiving.... We went to Cali this year to spend the holiday with Gar's family. We had a blast. We left after work a couple of days before T-day and drove until we hit Reno. I got us a room there and we kicked it for the night. Reno is not the greatest! Here is the hotel, rental car, gas station we fill up at, and the Mc D's we ate at before we finished our drive into Chico.
We picked up Aurora at the Sacramento Airport and headed to Deb & Rog's. We had so much fun. For the big day, Gar's bro's Tom and Jesse and their wives came up and spent the day. It was so great. Deb cooked the best food and I managed to ruin the pumpkin cheesecake... So good thing Jesse brought the pumpkin pie.
Deb and Rog have 2 dogs, a big one named Marty and a little guy named Zoey. The little ones took a while to get along but then all they did was play. It was so freaking cute. Marty really wanted to play, but Toby would not have it. He had to be the boss and after Marty jumped Toby for taking his bone, Toby wanted nothing to do with him. I was a pretty crazy altercation between the big one and Toby, scared the pee right out of Toby, literally!!! Sad/Funny!

Jesse and Jamie had a little baby last September and this was our first time meeting here. She is so adorable and not afraid of the dogs at all.
This is Aurora and Brooklyn. The 2 grand kids and only 16 years apart. It was so great to have us all there.
Bubba and Rog kicking it on the couch... This is Gar's step dad, a great guy! Quiet, but will say the funniest things that will make you laugh out loud!
On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, we drove down from Chico to Roseville where Tom and Jesse live and we went bowling and played video games. It was a blast. Here is the whole gang.
From left to right:
Tom, Garr, me, Brooklyn, Lindsay (Tom's wife), Aurora, Jamie (Jesse's wife), Jesse, Deb and Rog.
Here is bubba teaching Brooklyn how to play Skee-Ball. She was loving it. We got so many tickets from all of us playing the games. Jesse and Aurora got the jackpot on a couple of games.
Here is Jesse and Jamie playing the basketball game. They totally kicked mine and Gar's score.

Brooklyn love the bowling. Deb would bring her up to play. She thought is was the best thing.

Just so freaking cute!!

We had a great trip and loved seeing the fam. It had been 2 years since we had seen then... Too long. We didn't get any speeding tickets, so that was GREAT!!!


Deb said...

Loads of fun with you guys. You make me feel so happy. Thanks for coming such a long way and sorry Mardi scared Tob's half to death.