Trips, Visits, and Family

I have so much to blog about, I better get bloggin... Trips, family, thanksgiving what to start with...

I will start with Garrick's dad's visit. They live in Waikiki and we don't see them to often. We went out to Hawaii last year and it was a blast. This year Ed and Eileen decided to make a trip to the mainland. We had a blast! Hit a couple of the local bars that we go to when Ed is here. Here is the whole gang.

From left to right: Eileen (Gar's step mom), Stephanie (Gar's step sister), Jodie, Quinn, Ed, Gar and Me. They were here during the election so we had a little party at our house. To see who would win.

Then Gar showed his dad his motorcycle. Ed had one when he was younger, and now has a sweet scooter, the big scooters, not the little guys... So Ed took ride down the street.

He looks pretty sweet on it!

Ed, Eileen, Quinn and Kira (half-sister) went to Mexico earlier this year and took some pix of Ed and Quinn in the Mexican wrestling masks. Gar's dad had him draw the picture of Ed and Quinn, so he drew it and they gave it to Quinn as a surprise.

Here Gar in that Mexican mask... HAHAHA!

It was just great to hang out all of them. The last time we saw Stephanie was at our wedding. She lives in Ohio, i think. This is Stephanie, Quinn and Ed at Qu's place.

Pix are so much more fun then me rambling on... so here are a few more pix during Ed's visit... This one was taken at Ed' good friends house, it had been years since they had seen each other... good times!

One more of Gar and Qu.

Hopefully next time we see Ed and Eileen, it ill be in Hawaii!!!


Anonymous said...

Stef, your reference to Kevin made me laugh out loud. Kevin, Kevin, Kevin. Kevin. Plus, your hair is so long, luscious and Kevin.

Deb said...

Great pic's of everyone. It looks like you guys had a great visit and it was great that Stephanie from Ohio got to be there too. Good times!