Halloween 08

Halloween is always so much fun for me and Gar. We usually carve pumpkins just me and him, but his year his friend from work put together a carving party. It was so much fun. But a lot of pressure to come up with a cool idea for your pumpkin. We had a blast. This is not the greatest picture, but the pumpkins were fun and creative! I love carving pumpkin's, only HATE cleaning them. So some girl that I had just met that night cleaned mine out. It was sweet! I didn't have to get all dirty and my pumpkin was pretty cool!
So we love coming up with our costumes. We try and stick with a couple theme... one year we were both barbarians or the next year I was a man, he was a woman, then sexy Harry Potter and Herminie... This year we decided that we were going to be the beer garden couple but couldn't find the literhosen for Gar, so we came up with Pebbles and BamBam. It was PREFECT if i do say so myself.

We found mine to buy, but couldn't find a BamBam, so I made it. It turned out pretty cute! We went to a party and our friend dressed up as Fred Flinstone. It was so great. Here are the 3 of us.
Gar and Dave G kicking it at the party. Gar was sick so we just handed out candy and made an appearance at the party and then crashed.

Here they are, Pebbles and BamBam... We are so freaking cute! And I really am happy how good Gar's costume looked. I made it all by hand. No machine... Pretty good!

I think the most fun of our Halloween is dressing up the kids... Our kid, Toby is so great. I think he is getting used to us dressing him up. The 1st year, he was Darth Vader, then Spiderman... This year... was he a bird... a plane... NO he was SUPERMAN! And I he loved it. He totally kicked it all night in it. It was so freaking cute!

We had to have a photo session. He is the best little model. Just sits there. I took about a hundred pictures. Love that guy!


SayitwithanH said...

Wow. I can't believe Garrick went, sick and all. What a Halloween trooper! Great job on his costume. Little Toby is sooo cute.

Megan said...

You guys are so super cute! Love the costumes, and your puppy is a cutie too!

Joey and Nettifer said...

love the costumes - adorable!

I can't get enough of Toby - gosh he is stinking cute!

Thanks for the hook up on tickets! You totally rock! So glad we can come!

Deb said...

Very cute pictures...good idea for the characters & costumes. I am totally impressed that you made Garr's BamBam costume Stef... and without a sewing machine! Wow you're such a pioneer woman! LOL
Toby rocked as usual, he is so darn cute. What a great little guy he is. I hope Zoey will like him and be nice. She's a little yippy and a little nippy at first but I think they will have fun together overall. And Mardi... well you know... anyhow... I can hardly wait to see you guys and I promise not to bite, I am so very, very excited! Love all the pic's...real cute!

Cris n Nick said...

Nice job on the costume, you guys look hot! Sorry G was sick, hope he's doing better.
Your puppy is adorable! I wish I had a doggy to dress up.
Love you beautiful!

Anonymous said...

You guys look so great. It makes me feel inadequate. Plus, Toby makes me want to get a dog. But do not tell my husband that.