We are family, I got all my sistah's with me.

I thought I'd post again soon so you won't have to see the sick animal again...
My dad is in Afghanistan for about an year or so. He left in May and got to come home for his leave and he got to spend some time with us girls. It was so nice. Nat flew in to hang out. Now all you faithful readers out there know that I am complete slacker and don't take the best pictures... Well, this visit with my dad and Nat was no exception. AND to make it better, there are no pix of me or Gar. LAME!!! But there are some great pix of the fam.
I am not in these pix because I was at rehearsal this morning. LAME again. They all got together for Benjamen's birthday breakfast and Jacob's football game. Hence the t-shirts Beck and Nat are wearing.

I did get to hang out quite a bit and love seeing the kiddies. This is Benjamin swinging in the back yard, and came up to me so I could snap a shot of the face. Could he be any cuter? I don't think so!

These two are so freaking cute. And they are buddies. They were chowing down on some fruit and kept having me and Nat take pictures of them... Posers! I have no idea where they get that from...
Over all it was so great to visit with my dad. It is so crazy that he is over there in the midst of all the horrible things that are going on. But I'm so glad he is safe and it able to help out over there.

I feel that I need to pay a tribute to a great friend of Garrick's and mine. He passed away unexpectedly the same time my dad was here and his birthday is on Halloween so i've just been thinking about him. Christian Adams was such a good man and a great friend to us. I worked with him at the hotel and we became instant BFF's. He would call Garrick his "Boo" every time he would see him. When Garrick got his braces on, he said he wanted his smile to look like Chirstians. And, he is the reason we have Toby. When Christian and his wife were pregnant with their first, they could not handle 2 dogs, so Christian gave Toby to us, we could not be more happy to have Toby in lives. He was a good man and he and his million dollar smile will be deeply missed.


ANOB said...

Nice tribute to Christian Stef. Hope you do ok on Halloween. So glad you have Tobs! Nice pix of the fam too. So glad at least G could be there. Im gonna steal those for me k!
Love you!

Cris n Nick said...

I'm so sorry about your friend, how did he die? He looks way to young! But I guess that's the way things happen huh. I'm so sorry.
I love the pics of your fam! Your sisters are so beautiful, and their kids-whatever!!!!
I'm glad you got to see your pops, he looks exactly the same as when I last saw him!
Okay, what the hell is that thing you found in you basement! I have never seen anything like that!!! I would have hit it with a hammer!
I miss you