Oh, that man of mine.

Gar is in Civil War at Hale Center Theatre. Merrill Osmond is starring in it and it has been a good time for him so far. I've see a couple of rehearsals and it is going to a great show. It is full of MEN! Which, there is nothing better than a bunch of men singing... (Gar is top row, 2nd from the left.)
In rehearsal yesterday, they were running the show and it was the big fight scene and to make a long story short, he got hit in the nose with the butt of a 20lb rifle...
He is ok, has quite the cut and it will leave a scar, but will make for a good story.


Deb said...

Oh Garr I'm so sorry..hope you are going to be all right. But now when you get older and the kids say "hey old man how did you get that scar on your nose?" You get to say "Son...I got this scar in the war...the Civil War" then they will think you must be immortal.

nettifer said...

G Funk! Ouch! I can't wait to see the show! Thanks for the invite! Thanks for coming the party, hanging out at my house and on and on and on. Gosh I love you guys so much as Madelyn would say! Can't wait for dinner and the show and then date night and then dinner! Yippie

ANOB said...

So sorry G. Not a scar on that pretty face? Scars are manly though right? Now you and little Benjamin will have the same scar. Totally tuff. Cant wait for the show!

Mailyn said...

Sweet battle wound, way to get into character! That looks like it hurt!
I wish I could have been there to see the great play it looked pretty good!
I am going to "singing in the rain" at the Gilbert AZ theater! Sorry I can't use facebook, I am no good at it yet....so I left you a msg here!
Hope you guys are doing good!