I am in Chicago! One of my most favorite of cities... I had to take a business trip for a co-worker and was SO happy to do it. I LOVES me so Chi-Town. But, i'm not soaking up the scene you see above. I am in a suburb of Chicago, OakTerrace which is 20 minutes from downtown, i'm hoping to get downtown tomorrow. We shall see.
I apologize for not posting more. I know how boring it can be to come to a blog and it NOT be updated. I hate that more than anything... So I promise to pull some creativity out and keep you updated on our lives.


Deming Brat said...

you are in the wrong city to the east... just a little further and you will be in my arms again.

i'm not kidding dean! get your blankity blank over here!

nettifer said...

Did you have a lot of fun? Can't wait to see you!

Deb said...

You get to go on the best trips...lucky. Hope you got to see some of Chicago while you were there. I got to talk to Garrick last Saturday and it sounds like his time is filled with music, art and entertaining. It really makes me happy for him to realize his dream. I love you both and wish for you the very best life has to offer.
Love ya!

Sizemore said...


WOW! You are amazing. You have such talent! It sounds like life is exciting and you both keep extra busy. Say "hi" to your family for me.

Aimee (Lauber)