Today for you, tomorrow for me....

Once again, it's been too long since I have updated the day in the life of the Dean family. So much has been going on. It seems to come in waves. There will be times that we have nothing going on, and other times we don't know what day it is and Toby probably thinks that we have moved out and left him... Poor little Tobs.

To start off Stef and Gar's weeks of fun...

Chicago came and went, it was great. It is one of my favorite cities. Nettie has not been there and she needs to go. Both times I have been there it was in the beginning of spring and just a bit chilly. Next time I go I hope it is summer and Gar's with me and we can do the river tours. This is a picture of the bridge that starts of the "Magnificent Mile" . It is a big city, but not overwhelming like NYC.
Below is some art work that is part of the bridge you can see in the distance in the above pic. The architecture their is so beautiful and amazing. I was staying in a suburb called Downers Grove, so I took a taxi and just walked around the city for about 5 hours and LOVED it.

There is the park, Millennium , is right by the Chicago Institute of Art and right by the Lake Michigan, which is HUGE. It was like i was looking out at the ocean, I was in heaven. The park has a ton of different art pieces and this one is my fav. It is just a giant metal bean, you can walk under it, it is huge. I love that you can see the cityscape in its refection.
It was a good trip, short, but good.

Gar's show Civil War is coming to it's end. It closes on April 5th. It is such an amazing show. The music and talent is amazing. There is nothing more hot than a bunch of hot guys singing some sweet harmony. Merrill Osmond is great and some of his family has come to see the show. Gar was not there the night that Donny Osmond was there, but he there the night that Marie came. I lucked out and it was the same night I had tickets.
Marie went back stage and hung out with the cast and answered questions and took pictures. I got to kinda meet her, well, I went back stage and said Hi and walked past her, that was the extent of my meeting... But Gar had fun meeting her (she parked next to his bike and he told her not to scratch it, only Gar would say that to a celebrity)... If you get a chance, you need to go and see it. It is a great show!

Well I think that for the last 2 years I have said that I was going to retire from the theater... Well, apparently I will just jump at the chance to be in a show if I get a call. Ok, here's the story... I auditioned for the show "Annie Get Your Gun" and said that I want to be Annie or nothing. It turned.. out I got nothing.
So, to make a boring story short, someone ended up dropping out of the show and the theater called me to see if I would step in and take the part. So I said yes. The part is in the chorus, but I get to say one line. Should be good times. So Gar is finishing up with the war and I'm in rehearsals for AGYG. It opens the week after Gar's show closes.

WOW, this is quite the long post... What next... Oh, Easter.

Gar and I hung out with the fam for the Easter. It was good times. We had a wonderful dinner made by Beck and Ang and I pigged out. We did the Easter Egg Hunt in Ang's back yard.
These kids are just so freaking cute, I don't know what to do. I had intended to take a bunch of pix of the kiddies for Nat, but I struggle and forgot break out the camera, good thing I have Gar, he busted it out and got some good shots. We had the kids close their eyes and listen to Ang as we told them the rules, that was the only way to get them quiet... It takes some creativity to get all 8 of them to listen. Rio and Benjamin in the above pic are to die for. I just heart those two crazy kids.

We bought them some cheap toys and Benjamin got a little toy gun, and would follow Toby around yelling at him to sit and to drink water all while pointing the gun at him. It was so freaking funny. That kid is so crazy! You would never know it by looking at the innocent face.

I have so much more to blog about... our wired grass/flower bed that we have discovered growing, Gar's band, painting, backdrops... So soak up all of the fun above and I'll post more this weekend.


nettifer said...

I can't believe how beautiful Chicago is. I want to go with you when you go. can I please please please please with sugar on top!

I am excited to see you in Annie get your gun! I heart that show!

I love what G said to Marie - wow she sure is pretty. I want my boobs done!

Love the picture of the kids with their eyes closed - hilarious. Wish I Was there :(

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I was able to meet you both doing Civil War! I love reading your blog, it's so entertaining. I'll see you guys soon!!

♥ Kandyce Marie

Anonymous said...

Freaking Hale Center Theatre. You want out, but they keep pulling you back in. I want to be in one more show with you before I die, Stef.

Deb said...

Just wondering ...when do you guys sleep? Standing?? You both have such busy lives and are always doing something fun and uplifting. I wish I had your energy, dedication and determination. I am so proud of you both and it makes me so happy to know that so many people get to experience your talents and wonderful personalities. I love you guys alot and couldn't be a prouder Mom!

Love D