Arizona here we come... (or there we went)

First: could The Office be any funnier, B: Grey's is back, and Forth: could LOST get any crazier???

Ok - Back to the subject at hand....

We took of first trip of the year to Arizona to hang out with Aurora for her 17th birthday. That's right, Gar and I have a 17 year old daughter... CRAZY huh!!! We decided that we would drive down and make it a fun road trip. I had a free night's stay at the Red Cliff's Lodge in Moab so on Wednesday, we drove down to Moab and got to our room. That is a great hotel. We went for a little hike at dinner by the river and sat in the hot tub. It was a great way to start out our first vaca of the year.

These pix are on our hike. This little canyon is where they filmed that Mission Impossible was filmed and hottie/crazy Tom Cruise was rock climbing, so that was pretty sweet.

There is my HOTTIE, he kick Toms' a$$ any day!

The pic above is the view from our room, you could walk down right to the river from the rooms, it was so beautiful there. Moab is one of my favorite places. And going there this time, i didn't get in trouble with my HR.

Then it was off the PX, well actually Scottsdale, that's where we stayed. We had a blast with Aurora and her boyfriend and her other friends. We went to Dave&Busters, a really fun arcade place that it not in UTAH, of course... This pic below is all the kids playing Skee Ball, I am addicted to that game.This is, from left to right, Amy, Patrick and Bubba playing a car racing game.I love the boxing game. My arms get SOOOO tired, Gar got a pic of me, but is was not that flattering, so here is one of him playing it. Then on Saturday night, Auroras mom, Laura planned a murder mystery dinner party that was set in the 30's. It was a blast. Everyone dressed up. Here is Aurora and Patrick all dressed up.
This was all the women. Aurora and I got out of the costumes as fast as we could so we are in the back. The 2 girls in the maid outfits are Bubbas good friends, Amy and Sara. Their job was to serve us. They were such good sports.
This is the MEN! Gar had an ascot on, but it is not in this pic... It was a good time.
We were so sad to go and leave bubba, but we had a great trip, the weather was perfect and we go to spend some quality time with bubba!

The driving was ASWESOME! I think this was the first road trip where i didn't fall asleep. We took our time and went the scenic routes and it was a blast. This pic is us at the Glen Canyon Dam. I am SO in love with this pic. Aren't we so dang cute? So that is our trip in nutshell, a tiny nutshell. I will have to post later about the new job!!


Deb said...

What great pictures and summary of your vacation...it looks like you had a wonderful time. Southern Utah is so gorgeous this time of year and there is nothing as spectacular as coming upon Lake Powell in the middle of the desert...beautiful! You & Gar are the cutest ever, what a darling picture at the dam. Such beautiful smiles! Aurora's all grown up, I cannot believe how much she has changed in such a short amount of time since I last saw her...blows my mind she's 17...well I don't want to get started on all the missed time with her, I'll just cry..I'm crying anyway. I love you all so much and hold you near and dear in my heart..not the same as being with you however. I look forward to that day. Take care of yourselves and I pray you will continue to find happiness in all that you do. I am so proud of you both.
All my love forever

Joey & nettifer said...

what a fun time you guys had! Holy cow and Patrick and Aurora look so cute together!
I can't believe that she is 17 - are we old?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you finally wrote about your trip, I've been anxiously waiting ;). It looks like you had a ton of fun. I love the pics! We def need some of Arizona's nice weather here...I miss you both, and am hoping to see AGYG soon!!



Anonymous said...

You're so lucky you posted something, especially with lots of good pictures. Because if you hadn't, I just don't know what I would have done.

What a cute couple! And what a fun looking vaca!

Cris n Nick said...

Hey, I completely forgot what it's like to travel without kids, so yeah enjoy that!
It's so good to see your cute face!