3 years and counting...

Today is Gar's and my 3 year wedding anniversary. I am so happy to be married to this man. I was looking through some old emails and found this one... Gar sent it 3 years ago this morning before he headed off to the church to marry me...

It is here!!!!!
August 20th, 2005 a day that will go down in infamy!!!
Stefanie Omer has agreed to be my wife....and I can't even believe it.I love you all, and thank you for all your support and kindness, thank you all for for love and help.
There are somethings that I thought I would never have in this life...a college education, a perfect smile, a beautiful wife...but I have been truley blessed, and I appreciate it all.
Again Thank You all, Stef and I could have never had this wonderful experience
without all of your help.
I love you
We love you, Thank You
Garrick Omer...I am taking her last name.

I still couldn't be happier that we are together! I love you Garrick!


ANOB said...

Yeah for 3 years!!! You guys are so great together and I love you so much!!! Hope you have a wonderful anniversary!!! Heres to 3 more....6 more....9 more.....12 more.....

Mr. B said...

Congrats! You totes deserve it.

Dave and Christine said...

Happy 3 years!! I felt like that was a huge milestone when I hit it, so congrats.

Anonymous said...

Awwww. I LOVE Stefanie and Garrick. One of the world's best pairings. And I got to be there to see the very beginning of it. Don't ever forget who your partner was when Garrick dragged you around by your ankles on that shiny new Hale Center Theater floor.

Happy anniversary!

Deb said...

Happy Anniversary to a great couple. That was a wonderful day and the best summer I've had in years. Sooo glad I got to be apart of it all. It was extra special!
Love you guys. Cheers... to a long and happy life together.

Cris n Nick said...

Happy Anniversary you guys. I seriously can't think of a more hilarious couple, and I've never really been around G. Just the stories I've heard... you guys were meant to be.
Hope you had a great day together!